Spirit Gear

Purchase your Dominion athletic gear directly from Squad Locker by the links below:

  • Click here for TABC Dominion Athletics

  • Click here for TABC Dominion Teams - This link takes you to the Winter store.

Any logo can be applied to any product and you can personalize any item with your sports team.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please reach out to titanathleticboosterclub@gmail.com with any requests, as special orders may be available.

Sold Out items include:

  • Gray Titan Hat with "T" logo

Now available for purchase TITAN ATHLETIC STADIUM CHAIRS with carrying strap and TITAN ATHLETIC UMBRELLAS!

Click here to purchase the stadium chair and the umbrella!

These are so cool and make great gifts!

Proceeds from TABC spirit gear will help to offset the financial burden placed on athletic teams and student athletes. Help us support our athletes succeed on and off the playing field, enhance the team's performance and keep student athletes safe.